Product features and scope of the wastewater grinder June 3,2019.
The wastewater grinder can pulverize the suspended and floating garbage in the sewage into fine particles of 6-10mm. The pulverized dirt does not need to be salvaged and flows directly along with the sewage. The pulverized grid can be installed in the underground water pool and the top of the pool is closed. This pumping station has greatly changed the defects of the traditional pumping station, such as poor working environment, high noise, high construction cost and high operating cost. On duty.

Wastewater features:
1. Integral design, compact equipment, flexible structure and installation options, suitable for various sizes of drainage;
2, the use of low-speed operation, low power consumption, low wear, the use of cutting blade differential operation principle, enhanced the effect of tearing garbage;
3, special blade structure design, self-cleaning ability is very strong, there is no winding and debris accumulation to ensure effective cutting ability and service life;
4. Reasonable transmission structure makes the cutting blade easy to replace, easy to maintain and reduce maintenance costs;
5, need to have a reliable protection system, can effectively protect the equipment from damage when overloaded;
6. Imported motor reducer improves the reliability of equipment use;
7. A specially customized mechanical sealing system that can work in a harsh sewage environment for a long time.

The scope of the wastewater grinder:
1) Installed at the water inlet of the pump station to break solid objects;
2) After being installed in the trash rack, the floating material caught from the water is broken;
3) Installed in the incinerator to break the waste to a size suitable for transportation;
4) In the sewage treatment pipeline, the solid matter in the mixed sludge is broken.
5) The broken empty cans, batteries, plastics, etc. are broken.

The pulverized grid is mainly used in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations to meet the needs of large flow applications.The drum grinder is driven by motor separately, which can detect the blade overload and the drum overload respectively, and protect the equipment from normal operation.
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