Laundry sewage is required to enter the sewage collection system May 30,2019.
Laundry sewage into sewage collection system

The measures require that all construction projects of new construction, reconstruction and expansion must meet the following requirements: rainwater and sewage diversion must be implemented. For the drainage facilities where the original rain and sewage are combined, the rainwater and sewage diversion shall be carried out in accordance with the urban drainage and sewage treatment planning requirements.

Rainwater and sewage diversion can be combined with the reconstruction of old urban areas and road construction at the same time; construction and construction units and drainage households, individuals and other mixed rainwater pipelines are strictly forbidden; the laundry wastewater in the community balcony must be connected to the sewage collection system; the development of urban new districts and old In the reconstruction of the district, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of building the urban public drainage facilities on the ground and underground, and the drainage facilities should be planned, designed, constructed and commissioned at the same time as the main project.

New community built rainwater harvesting system

The method proposes that any new construction, reconstruction or expansion project within the scope of the urban planning area, if the construction scale meets the following requirements, shall construct a rainwater collection and utilization system: a new residential community project with a planned construction area of over 20,000 square meters; Public and industrial construction projects with a roof area of more than 3,000 square meters; squares, parks and green space projects with a total land area of over 5,000 square meters; urban main roads and main roads with a width of more than 70 meters.

For each hectare of construction land, a rainwater storage tank of not less than 100 cubic meters should be constructed; the roof storage tank of the high-rise building, the green space below the elevation of the surrounding ground, and the landscape water body can be used as the rainwater storage tank. " Emphasizing the construction of rainwater harvesting system can not only save water but also reduce urban flood control pressure and river pollution. It is a multitude of achievements. This is another highlight of the management method." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Government Legal Affairs Office introduced.

Sewage treatment water quality in January

The measures require that the maintenance and operation units of urban sewage treatment facilities should ensure that the effluent water quality meets the discharge standards stipulated by the state and local governments, and that non-standard sewage should not be discharged. At the same time, the quality of the influent and effluent should be checked. At the beginning of each month, the municipal wastewater management agency will report the water quality and quantity of sewage treatment, and the amount of major pollutants reduced.

If it is necessary to stop or partially stop the urban sewage treatment facilities due to maintenance or other reasons, it shall report to the drainage administrative department and the environmental protection department at all levels before 90 working days.
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