Large vibration of wastewater grinder fault analysis July 4,2019.
The pulverized grille is mainly used for sewage treatment, water circulation and the like. In the practice of using the submersible flow device, there will be a problem of large mechanical oscillation. Below, we analyze the factors of large oscillation.

1. The actual running direction of the wastewater grinder is opposite to the planning reverse. The solution is to exchange the orientation of any two-phase wiring in the three phases.

2. The quality of the device system is poor. Solution: Disassemble the device from the strict device instructions.

3. The model of the wastewater grinder is not properly selected. Solution: Pick a suitable crushing grid from the beginning.

4. The device orientation planning is unreasonable. Solution: Plan the device from scratch.

5. The bolts of the leaf pulp are not tightened or too short, resulting in unstable operation of the leaf pulp. Solution: Tighten or pick the appropriate bolts from the head.

6. The angles or components of the two leaf pulps are inconsistent. Solution: Two devices from the head.

7. In the meantime, one leaf slurry is damaged, deformed or both are damaged and deformed, resulting in unbalanced operation. Solution: Replace the leaf pulp.

8. The engulfing depth is too shallow. Solution: Stick to enough water depth.

9. The bearing and reducer are damaged, resulting in uneven force on the blade. Solution: Replace the bearing and reducer.
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