Introduction of product characteristics and control system of wastewater grinder June 3,2019.
The wastewater grinder is a special equipment for water treatment that can automatically intercept and remove various impurities in the fluid, and can be widely used in urban sewage treatment. The water industry, the water inlet of the power plant, can also be used as a screening device for textile, food processing, paper, leather and other industrial wastewater treatment processes.

Wastewater grinder  product features:
(1) Easy and flexible installation
Suitable for most existing channels without modification
(2) mechanical seal
High pressure resistance up to 6.3kg/cm2
No need to clean, no need to adjust the packing gland
(3) High-flow sidebar
Increase traffic
Reduce head loss
Guide the particles into the cutting chamber
(4) Dual-axis design
Adapt to more types of solid particles than single-axis shredders
Two counter-rotating axes cause the particles to be shredded between the two axes
(5) Blade selection
Various tooth designs are designed according to customer needs to meet various special needs
(6) low base
Good use of cutting chambers at low flow rates to increase comminution capacity
(7) Top fastening device
Can be easily tightened and repaired without having to bring the device out of the channel

Wastewater grinder control system:
The controller will provide independent control of the crusher. The controller is rated at 5.5 kw, 380 volts, 3 phases, 50 Hz.
The controller is equipped with a three-speed selector switch of "on-off/reset-automatic".
In the "Off / Reset" file, the crusher should stop running.
In the "open" position, the crusher operates.
In the "automatic" mode, the on/off of the crusher is controlled by the remote controller to open or stop.
The crusher will only be reset if the switch selection is switched to the “Off/Reset” position.

Wastewater grinder safety precautions:
When the blockage occurs, the controller will stop the crusher in the open/auto mode and reverse it to clear the obstacle. After the blockage is cleared, the controller will return to normal operation. If the blockage condition still exists, the controller automatically performs the inversion process within 30 seconds and can be performed three times. If the blockage still exists after three reversals, the controller will disconnect the motor and start the delay and abnormal status indicators.
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