HuanChuang (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. provides Sewage Grinder for the Huanchao Lake treatment project March 27,2019.
HuanChuang (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the domestic prefabricated pumping station brand in the recent bidding for the integrated prefabricated pumping station system project of the DBO and supporting pipe network construction project of the Chaohu Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant (including wetland) in Hefei City. With excellent cost performance and reliable solution technology, it won the fierce competition with well-known foreign brands and successfully won the bid to provide a superior crushing grid for the township sewage treatment in the Huanchao Lake Basin, protecting the submersible pump from being blocked by garbage. To ensure the smooth operation of the pump station.
The ring-shaped crushing grid is a low-speed and high-torque underwater garbage crushing device, which can crush various kinds of garbage in water into 6-12mm particles, so that it can smoothly pass the water pump and pipe network, so that the water pump and pipe network Avoid the trouble of underwater garbage blockage, so as to ensure unimpeded flow of water pump and pipe network.

The ring-shaped smashed grille is made of special alloy steel imported from the United States. It is durable and can be easily handled from soft and tough plastic and fabric waste to wood cans. It can be used for long-term unattended in any harsh working environment. Operation; Compared with other brands at home and abroad, the ring-shaped smashing grid is highly automated and intelligent, and can be freely set to run time and running time. It can be remotely controlled and fully utilizes energy-saving and high-efficiency product features.

HuanChuang smashed grille will escort the Huanchao Lake treatment project.
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