Exploring the Oceania Environmental Protection Market, HuanChuang participated in the Australian Solid Waste Exhibition AWRE2017 March 27,2019.

Organized by the Australian Waste Management Association (WMAA), the show is Australia's most professional waste treatment and resource recycling exhibition. It is also an influential waste treatment and resource recycling exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a Chinese company entering Australia. The best trading platform for the Pacific Ocean market.

Oceania is located in the vast Pacific Ocean. It geographically spans both the east and west hemispheres and the northern and southern hemispheres. It has unique geographical features and biodiversity, and is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and wilderness. Australia is not only the largest country in Oceania, but also the country with the most economic and cultural development. It has always paid attention to environmental protection and spared no effort in the field of environmental governance to form the largest environmental protection market in Oceania, and at the same time lead the technical level of environmental protection industry in neighboring countries.

With this exhibition, Huan Chuang Technology will enable more customers in Australia to understand and understand the latest treatment solutions and equipment of Huan Chuang Technology in the field of domestic waste treatment, kitchen waste treatment and industrial solid waste treatment, and can be used in Australia. Our customers offer more economical and technologically advanced waste recycling solutions that are welcomed by many local customers.

At the same time as AWRE2017, the Australian Waste Management Association also hosted the ENVIRO17 Environmental Conference and more than a dozen seminars that bring together experts in waste recycling to discuss the future of global energy recovery, sustainability and environmental innovation and technology. Going. It provides an excellent platform for leading industry leaders to introduce cutting-edge technology, discuss policies and propose solutions.
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