Advanced automatic SHuanchuangewage Grinder March 27,2019.
In recent years, China's environmental protection efforts have been further enhanced. In order to obtain more room for improvement in terms of operating costs and management levels, it is necessary to select environmentally friendly equipment with product performance and energy saving advantages. Among the many crushing grids, the company has a strong competitive advantage.

Huanchuang superfine Sewage Grinder

The Huanchuang Sewage Grinder is a high-torque, low-speed underwater double-shaft shredder that can crush solid waste (such as fabric/cloth, plastic bags/bottles, branches, glass bottles, aluminum) in the sewage. Cans, etc.), crushing the passing solid waste

It is suitable for small water particles of 6mm-12mm, suitable for sewage treatment plants, waterworks, rainwater pumping stations, sewage pumping stations and other water inlet channels (wells), intercepting and smashing the garbage contained in the water, avoiding pipeline blockage, improving subsequent pumps, etc. working environment.

HuanChuang grinder product series meets different needs

The HuanChuang Sewage Grinder is equipped with a grid coupler for easy installation and maintenance on site. The company's pulverized grid product range includes: ducted grille, channel grille (no drum, single drum, double drum), and conveyor grille.

New design of HuanChuang grinder

The Sewage Grinder has a compact design and is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a blade set, a sealing assembly, a frame, and a PLC control system. The motor drives the drive shaft through the reducer, and then the drive shaft drives the driven shaft through the gear, thereby driving the two sets of blade shafts to make a relative rotary motion, and crushing the solid waste in sewage or other liquid into 6-12mm fine particles d and then flowing To the next stage, sewage or other liquid can flow directly through the blade set and the guide gap. The entire working state can be continuous operation or automatic intermittent operation.
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